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Patches of the ear drum

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Perforation of the ear drum

Eardrum is a thin membrane separating the middle ear and outer ear canal.
A hole in this membrane causes dysfunction of the ear and multiple problems.
The importance of the ear drum is that it is an important element in two ways:
1 - HEARING: The drum transfer of acoustic vibrations of the external ear to the middle ear
2 - Protection: protect the middle ear from bacteria and water from entering the the middle ear

What are the causes ear drum perforations?

A - Inflammation of the middle ear:.
B - Trauma by sharp instrument or a foreign body that penetrates the drum for example, while cleaning the ear.
C - The strong sound of explosions and bombs
D - Changes in atmospheric pressure: during flight  the pressure outside changes and becomes more or less than the middle ear pressure .

What are the symptoms?

A - HEARING LOSS: This depends in particular on the size and location of the hole. If the hole has a small patient does not notice a decrease in hearing .If The hole is  medium or large in size and is located directly above the ossicles, there will be a great lack of hearing in that ear.
B - Otorrhea ( Ear Discharge ): because of the hole ,  the water  goes directly to the middle ear during swimming or bathing  causing
chronic and recurrent infections.
C - Tinitus

Large hole in the eardrum

What are the complications of the hole?

A - Lack of hearing
B - Recurrent infections of the middle ear

What is the treatment?

In most cases, the hole heal by itself within six months of its occurrence.
If the hole has not healed within six months, it always becomes a permenant hole .
If the hole is small : we can leave it alone .
If the hole is big , then we repair the hole .
The operation name is " Tympanoplasty "
Indications for surgery :

1- Hearing loss
2- Recurrent infections

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